I am a native American, from the Navajo tribe

I am a native American, from the Navajo tribe. I live on the Navajo Reservation, a small place called Birdsprings. In the community of Birdsprings, there are no stores, no laundry mats, no restaurants, there is just a local chapter house with houses. I live in a quiet community, where you can see mesas, and the brown sand surrounding us. It is very nice, I like to live there. Arizona is a wonderful place to live. 

    I travel about fifty-five miles one-way to go to school in Flagstaff, Coconino Community College. I am going to school to get an Associate of Arts in Elementary Education Degree. I don’t really mind traveling back and forth everyday. I just do this, so I can fulfill my dreams to become a teacher one of these days. I love to work with children of all ages. So I don’t mind traveling far to go to school. Traveling to Flagstaff everyday, you can see beautiful sceneries. You can smell the fresh air, when you leave your windows rolled down, you can feel the air flowing through your hair. 

    I have six children of my own at home. Times are hard at times, going to school, working, and being a full time mom. But the people that support me the most is my mother. She is a wonderful person; she always encourages me to go to school. She helps me by babysitting, and cooking for my children while I am away at school. My mother tells me that school is very important, and that I should keep going to school. Because when she was small, her parents told her she had to stay home and do household chores, and tend to the sheep. She is always saying that she should have went to school, but her parents would not let her at the time. That is why she is always encouraging me to go to school. She told me that was the way of life a long time ago, and that was part of the Navajo tradition, taking care of sheep and taking care of the house. But she tells me that education is the most important thing today, you can not get anywhere without a degree. And I know she is right. So no matter what it takes, I am willing to travel far and keep going to school. I hope to one day be a Teacher.

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