I was born right here in Casa Grande

I was born right here in Casa Grande at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center. I went to Cholla Elementary School, Cactus Middle school and I’m about one month away from graduating at Casa Grande Union High School. My parents also grew up in Casa Grande; as did my grand parents.

Many people who live here have “hometown pride”, and people who come from other places and states just don’t get it. We are a big family living in one house, which is what Casa Grande means, “big house”. It is of Spanish heritage, which pretty much describes our community. This town has a Hispanic heritage and has a living Hispanic culture, but we are also very diverse. You can say we are a “multi-cultural melting pot”. I have pride in my hometown, and even now it has barely begun to be recognized; My fellow community members and myself have always had something that other towns just don’t have and that is our sense of community spirit. Essentially, we are becoming a large city that retains a small city aura.

Casa Grande is surrounded by several mountain ranges and is covered with cactus and desert!  We have hot weather in the summer and cool weather in the winter. If you live here you won’t freeze to death, but you will be cool!  In the summer, on the other hand, you had either better hope you have a great air conditioner, and a pool pass or a pool! It gets HOT!

 If you didn’t grow up here, you just wouldn’t understand. People who move here are constantly saying that there is nothing to do here and whine about how boring it is. This town isn’t boring you just have to know where to go to find healthy entertainment. Witness some of this town’s history by going to the old part of town; or by going further east to the Casa Grande Ruins. Our town and community are proud of our heritage and history!

From my description of this city so far you might think that we are this little town in the middle of some ruins, but that is not the case either. Casa Grande is growing larger and larger all the time. We have superb schools and noteworthy teachers. We have a scenic and clean town, without a lot of graffiti or trash. We just have a “great” place to live. As I’ve said before, I’m bursting with proud to be from Casa Grande, Arizona!

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